That they may be one just as We are one

EVangelical churches Fellowship OF Ethiopia

Who We Are

Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE) is an umbrella organization with a view to increase coordination of member church activities for the promotion of fellowship and cooperation in Ethiopia.

ECFE’s membership has now increased to 93 denominations, 74 Para-church organizations with in Ethiopia and 18 Ethiopian evangelical churches in Diaspora are represented as associate members.

Once the Fellowship was officially recognized, it developed its organizational and functional structure at head office as well as at local levels across the country through its members. According to ECFE structure there are 10 regions, 93 zones and more than 600 local level fellowships.

Our Departments

Mission and Theology
Advocacy and Peace Building
Capacity Building
Documentation and Research

What We Do


— To facilitate Unity

Coordinate, encourage and facilitate to build the sprit of  unity amongst evangelicals  and with in  members in general


— To Equip

To empower and capacitate  Christ messengers in  holistic world view in collaboration with African and international Christian organizations


— To Strengthen

To strategize ways in which church capacity built on the biblical idea of unity Vs diversity and backing up of members in to God’s perfect will of the fellowship.


— To research

To produce missionaries and disciples to carrying out research and analysis.


— To Provide support

To support denominations’ by social service provision quality and ethical standard to hold the highest degree on the filed of, good governance, culture, education, economy and social affairs. In addition to these, ECFE strive members to be an exemplary using an up to date technology application in to their organizational systems.rud.


— To raise the next

Coordinate and facilitate research, workshops, trainings on family, child and youth development. Strive to produce God fearing generation who can be capable enough to shoulder the vision of fathers on the church leadership

Here are some Numbers






Ethiopian Diaspora Churches

Founding Denomination

Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Mekane Yesus
Ethiopian Kale Heywot Church
Ethiopian Yehiwot Birhan Church
Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers Church
Ethiopian Guent Church
Meserete Kirstos Chruch
Baptist Evangelical Asssociation
Luteran Church(Current Ethiopian Evangelical Lutheran Church )
Ement Kirstos Church